An American witch leaves the dark for the light

Author S.A. (Seleah Ally) Tower shares her story of life as a former witch who became a Christian in her book Taken from the Night – A Witches Encounter With God.

What is it about witches in particular? You were drawn to a witch’s “lifestyle” at one point in your life. Why the fascination from your perspective and why do so many others hold, in some cases, a peculiar obsession?

Coven of Witches shop in, Burley, Hampshire, Great Britain

Tower: A witch has a certain mystique about her and for many the allure has to do with both the unknown and the unthinkable. It’s our natural curiosity that causes us to be fascinated with the unknown and the witch portrays this mystery as well as the excitement of entertaining the unthinkable.

What is Samhain?

Tower: Witches and most neo-pagans celebrate Samhain. I am unable to speak for the satanist but witches celebrate Samhain as the final harvest celebration or summer’s end for the Celtic people. It is the Celtic New Year and beginning of the dark half of the year. It’s considered a very magical time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and the dead walk among the living. The Celts believed it was a time when the future could be most effectively predicted and so it was a time for divination and prophecy.

There are some people who are unaware that there are practicing witches in the U.S. How deep were you into witchcraft? How did you “blend into” society?

Tower: I personally embraced witchcraft as a lifestyle, became initiated and practiced within a coven. Aside from perhaps my choice of clothes, I blended in as your typical wife, “soccer mom” and school bus driver quite well. Even though I was “out of the broom closet” with my beliefs, the average person aside from close friends and family would have never known. There was really nothing about my demeanor that would have aroused suspicion in my neighborhood except perhaps my late night trips on full moon.

Were there moments when you were scared? Was there a moment when you knew you could no longer be a witch?

Tower: I wouldn’t say I was actually scared … we were taught not to fear the “dark” but to respect it.  … For me, the moment came when I encountered the love of God with such intensity that I simply couldn’t deny nor reject Him any longer. It wasn’t as though I had some horrible experience with witchcraft, rather I couldn’t say no to the overwhelming, all-consuming love of God. At that point, I knew I could no longer continue living my life as a witch.


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