How to take ‘Taken’: Spielberg and U.S. UFO secrecy

How to take ‘Taken’: Spielberg and U.S. UFO secrecy

By Hal McKenzie    February 21, 2003 Now that Steven Spielberg’s massive 20-hour miniseries Taken is finally over (except for the re-runs), have we learned anything new about UFO abductions? I would say about as much as one could learn about espionage from watching James Bond films. The production was long on Hollywood glitz, gratuitous sex […]

Picking our fights: Goodness theory

By Hal McKenzie    January 30, 2003 Several science articles that have appeared on the Web lately suggest that an air of almost religious fervor is sweeping the scientific world. With the application of computer science, also known as cybernetics, to biology, physics, and social science, scientists are in effect coming to grasp the reality of […]

The Raelians: Religion or ruse?

By Hal McKenzie       January 21, 2003 A simple blood test could prove whether or not the followers of Rael (the former Paul Vorhilon) actually cloned a child as they claim, but since they have conveniently backed down from allowing such a test, the question remains in doubt. The Raelians have made it abundantly clear, however, […]