‘Dark Knight Rises’ is a hit . . . globally, Time Warner finally reveals

“The Dark Knight Rises” is on track to become the most successful Batman movie ever, and to soon surpass $1 billion in global box office.

Ron Phillips/Warner Bros. Pictures

Time Warner Chief Executive Jeff ….Bewkes’ comments on “The Dark Knight Rises” mark the first time anyone at Time Warner has publicly discussed the movie’s box-office performance. At studio Warner Bros., executives have not commented over the last two weeks due to sensitivity over the killing spree in Colorado that occurred during a screening of the picture.

As a result, it has been difficult to analyze how “The Dark Knight Rises” is performing compared with 2008’s “The Dark Knight.” That movie ultimately grossed $1 billion globally. “The Dark Knight Rises” has taken in less money at the domestic box office than its predecessor, during the same amount of time, but Bewkes’ comments indicate that the new picture is so far stronger internationally.


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