Dr. Ben Carson: America’s enemies ‘want to divide us’

Neurosurgeon and philanthropist Dr. Ben Carson seeks to unite Americans with the advice from his newest book.

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson

In One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America’s Future, … Carson explained that with One Nation, released Tuesday, he hopes to “wake people up to the fact that we are being manipulated by people who want to divide us.”

“If you look at the neo-Marxist literature one of the ways they say to bring the United States down is divide and conquer,” said Carson. “And here you see all these wars, race wars, income wars, gender wars. You know, virtually any kind of thing you think of we have a war on it.” Carson added that he wanted “the people to recognize that we the American people are not each other’s enemies and the enemies are those people who are attempting to divide us up.” …

I wrote [the book] because I think the time is so short for turning the direction of our country. And I wanted it to come out several months before the November [2014] election so that the people will have a very good impression of what we’re fighting for. Understanding that either we’re going to have a country that is for, of, and by the people or one that is for, of, and by the government. These are critical decisions that we’re making right now.

[QUESTION: This year, much has been made about numerous individuals finding their commencement invitations being canceled because of remarks they have made or positions taken. Do you believe this is a rising trend?]

“It’s just showing how our society is going completely off the rail with political correctness and how incredibly destructive it is. When you have a university, which is supposed to be the epitome of free thinking, trying to constrain all the thinking, and trying to impose their will, and telling students that ‘we are for free speech as long as you agree with us, but if you think anything else we don’t want anything to do with you, and we don’t want you to even disseminate what you believe to anyone else,’ does that even begin to sound like America? Of course not.”


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