Fiscal cliff? Maybe we paid too much for what money can’t fix

There is endless talk these days about the looming “fiscal cliff,” the catastrophic economic nightmare that many predict will befall the United States if taxes go up and government spending is significantly cut come January 2, 2013, as mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011. …
Ironically, one of the reasons we’re on the verge of this fiscal cliff in the first place is that too many have believed for too long that moral problems can be solved or managed through fiscal policy.
In other words, we believe that almost every problem can be fixed by spending money on it.
To be clear, I believe that government can and does provide noble services for the common good. I also believe it can, in certain circumstances, provide an appropriate safety net that prevents an individual or family from spiraling down to a point of no return.
But I also believe that the root of most of our problems is not money. …
Throw all the government money you have at the problem of abortion and you’ll never get down to the root cause of what prompts a woman to abort her own flesh and blood.
Throw all the money at the plague of poverty and you’ll never get down to solving the most common foundational problems that send someone into it in the first place, which in western nations is usually tied to family breakdown. …


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