interview among first to treat President Obama as a mortal

On his “Between Two Ferns” talk show on, actor Zach Galifianakis (“The Hangover”) hammers his celebrity guests with insults, creating an awkward, often crude satirical scene unlike any other. Galifianakis plays a character, and his guests play along. But when President Barack Obama is on the show, the actor surely pulls his punches for the Leader of the Free World, right? Wrong.

RealObamaInterviewIn this episode, President Obama makes an appearance to promote the Affordable Care Act, but he’s far from immune to the absurd indignities that the show is known for.

Galifianakis hits the Commander-in-Chief on the birth certificate fuss, always being allowed to win at basketball and being a “nerd.” In return, Obama nails the actor on the failure of the third “Hangover” movie and the successful career of Galifianakis’ purported rival, Bradley Cooper.

Enjoy it because I doubt you’ll see someone talk to a POTUS like this anytime soon.


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