If world is down with bearded drag queen’s Eurovision win, Russia isn’t

[Drag Queen] Conchita Wurst’s Eurovision win has been branded “the end of Europe” by Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky. …

Dmitry Rogozin, right, with Vladimir Putin, center. / AFP
Dmitry Rogozin, right, with Vladimir Putin, center. / AFP

Elsewhere, President Vladimir Putin’s vice premier Dmitry Rogozin issued a scathing tweet claiming the Eurovision result “showed supporters of European integration their European future – a bearded girl”. …

Her selection had already proved controversial, with petitions filed in Russia, Belarus and Armenia to either have her removed, or edited out of the broadcast in their countries. Drag queen Conchita has also been the subject of jokes on Russian comedy programmes, with one person commenting on a video of the singer: “There is information that Conchita is a CIA project that is designed to destroy the moral and spiritual values ​​in Russia.”

But Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay laws, restricting the spread of information on what was called ‘non traditional sexual relations’ did not go down well with last night’s audience. Russia’s entry, The Tolmachevy Sisters, were greeted by loud boos from those in the venue, with many of the onlookers waving rainbow flags.


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