Sandy: A hurricane with a paranormal twist

Living through the experience of Super Storm of the Century Sandy will stay with me forever. I have lived on Long Island in New York floating in the Atlantic Ocean for most of my life. I have been through many bad storms including Nor Easters, large snow storms and hurricanes. Being on an Island in any violent storm is a scary event; this storm however frightened me nearly to death. It was a strange storm unlike any other I have been in filled with odd events I cannot explain.

My family owns a small cottage on the Long Island Sound that had trees launched through the front doors and windows like spears being thrown in a tribal war. Vertically they flew at immense speed right through the windows and doors leaving broken glass and wide holes with huge trees lying as they had been thrown by a giant at the house.

The strangest thing I witnessed along with my family took place while the storm was in full swing. We could not sleep or even rest during this storm. This was not a bunker down and sit it out type of an  event. This was a pay attention every second and be able to react quickly kind of storm.  My house would have burned to the ground if we were not watching carefully and paying attention to what was happening around us. One of those cyclone type wind gusts ripped the power lines in fact all services off of the side of my house as powerful  gust of wind  snapped  a group of large trees in pieces falling like bombs around our house. When the live electric wire hit the ground it started a fire. My family quickly put it out knowing we had no other choice. This storm was one you fought, not one you could sit out. Every moment it was active was one you hoped would not destroy your home.

During the storm strange lulls took place between the brutal wind and rain surges where things were silent and still. Similar to the eye of a hurricane but happening in timed intervals during the entire storm.  During these lulls everything went still and quiet when suddenly the entire sky would light up as if someone turned on a light switch in a dark room. It was not lightning as the entire sky would become a bright gray. This display of sudden light lasted a few seconds and on its own was extremely creepy. The strangest thing however had to be the sound that accompanied this odd display of light. As the light would go on and off lighting up the entire sky we heard a strange metal type sound- a sort of a moan underneath the light. I was terrified at this as I never heard anything like it before. As we sat silently listening to this odd event one of my family members said “It sounds like medieval trumpets announcing the king” We would have laughed however the situation was extreme and he was right and the entire encounter left us nervous and frankly stunned. This odd experience repeated about four times that day. Strange light followed by the sound of a monotone trumpet sounding low across the land. It was extremely creepy and unsettling.

Since the storm I have received two emails from other people in my area asking me about both the strange light and also the odd noise. I was relieved we were not the only ones to see or hear these odd occurrences.


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