The men from Rev. Clark’s Church of Christ and the ‘shot heard round the world’

Special to CosmicTribune.com, April 19, 2022 By Bill Federer, April 19, 2022 In April of 1775, the British Royal Military Governor of Massachusetts, General Thomas Gage, sent 800 British Army Regulars, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, on a preemptive raid to seize guns from American patriots at Lexington and Concord. George Mason […]

‘Growing like wildfire’: Parents turning to alternative K-12 universe

Special to CosmicTribune.com, April 14, 2022 Parents frustrated with the woke/LGBTQ+/BLM agenda being pushed on their children in K-12 schools are gravitating toward alternatives offered by Hillsdale College and other conservative organizations. Michigan-based Hillsdale College has helped open 21 charter schools and partnered with 33 others in 27 states through its Barney Charter School Initiative. […]

All it takes is one: How tyranny ends

Special to CosmicTribune.com By Michelle Malkin “One is the loneliest number,” Three Dog Night famously sang over five decades ago. But all it takes is one brave soul fighting against the tide to inspire 10. Ten become hundreds. Hundreds become thousands. Thousands become millions. Millions become a new majority. Riverside County, California, Sheriff Chad Bianco […]

Has neuroscience any need for the soul?

Commentary by Joshua R. Farris If you’re a purveyor of recent neuroscience discussions, then you might think that consciousness is just a set of neurons firing in the brain. Nothing more. No soul or spirit behind it. Philosopher Matthew Owen takes this question head-on in his new book Measuring the Immeasurable Mind.  In it he […]

Fear, hope, and suicidal voting: the strange case of Pro Life Evangelicals for Biden

CosmicTribune.com by R. Clinton Ohlers Rarely do political reversals rise to the level of comedy, especially in 2021. Nevertheless, in a plaintive open letter to President Biden and the congressional Democrats, Pro Life Evangelicals for Biden delivered in spades. Yet, amidst the widespread amusement and well-deserved ridicule that followed, a much darker and foreboding truth […]

Social media giants seen pushing China-like censorship

Leftist politicians and major media are telling Americans on a daily basis that they must become accustomed to the “new normal” ushered in by the coronavirus pandemic. What they mean by “new normal” is the rolling back of free speech rights, analysts say. FPI / May 4, 2020   Democratic politicians are calling for censorship […]

If aliens invaded our world would we stop our fighting?

What would happen if an alien force invaded the world? This was the hypothesis of many sci-fi films over the years in which warring countries and governments would somehow, suddenly, and urgently join together to fight the greater threat. War of the Worlds, (1953) based on the H.G. Wells epic comes to mind, and now […]

Perspective: Is coronavirus a sign from an exasperated God?

Is the coronavirus a sign of an angered God finally losing patience with humanity as in the Old Testament of the Bible when Divine injunctions fell on deaf ears? In a March 13 op-ed for the India Post, analyst A.Q. Siddiqui noted that St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican City in Italy “is deserted. The […]

Mind manipulation through mass entertainment

Planned Parenthood director of arts and entertainment engagement Caren Spruch told The Washington Post in an article published Sept. 23 that she has advised film and television show creators on over 150 projects over the years. Spruch sees her efforts as a way to, as the article puts it, set “a new standard for stories […]

Can you be in two places at once? Yes, according to quantum physicists

Is it possible for two versions of reality to exist at the same time? Indeed it is – at the quantum level – physicists say. Of course political scientists can attest that the election of President Donald Trump has produced a proof of the hypothesis: His supporters and his opponents live in two separate and […]

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