Twins, telepathy and the doorway to another reality

Proof of telepathy does not serve directly as proof of life after death.  It, however, defies the laws of physics and suggests a non-mechanistic world, thereby opening the door to another reality, one in which life after death is at least a reasonable hypothesis.  One of the most fascinating areas in the study of telepathy has to do with twins.  Renowned author Guy Lyon Playfair explores this whole area in his book Twin Telepathy. …

Getty Images Twin forwards Henrik Sedin, above left, and Daniel Sedin, above right, in a March game in Vancouver.

One of the more mysterious stories gathered by Playfair involved Romulus and Remus Cozma of Romania.  In 1987, the identical twins both fell in love with a woman named Monica.  Remus and Monica married, but frequently fought.  In 1993, Remus came home drunk one night. As he and Monica argued, Remus attempted to strangle her. However, she got hold of a kitchen knife and tried to stab him.  Remus wrestled the knife away from her and killed her with the knife.  At the same time, Romulus and his significant other, also named Monica, were going for a stroll in the park, apparently both happy, when Romulus, without cause or motivation, grabbed her around the throat and strangled her to death.  He told police he didn’t know why he did it.  “I felt impelled by an invisible force,” he explained.  “I couldn’t resist it.” …

Numerous other cases are reported by Playfair in this 173-page book – twins falling and breaking legs at the same time while skiing on different glaciers, twins many miles apart dying on the same day, twins separated for many years meeting each other wearing the same clothes.  Playfair suggests that the known stories represent no more than the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  “The problem is that those who have the necessary resources, facilities and contracts, with rare exceptions, show no signs of interest,” he offers.  “In most of the academic community, telepathy is still taboo, as my own experience indicates.”


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